Gaslight Joker

The Laughing Butcher


Melee Melee This Champion's Basic Attack is melee.
Enforcer Enforcer An Enforcer is the first into a battle and tries to soak up as much damage for their team possible.
Power Damage Champion
Power Damage Champion Power Damage Champion This Champion increases in strength and effectiveness most as you acquire Power Damage.


Blood Money
Blood Money Blood Money Trigger: Whenever a Credit is collected or a drone/creature is last hit near Gaslight Joker, he regains Health over time, and he permanently gains Max Health, up to a maximum. If he dies, this increase is halved.
Fetid Cleaver
Fetid Cleaver Fetid Cleaver Gaslight Joker empowers his next Basic Attack to deal Power Damage, apply Filthy, and grants him Health equal to a percentage of his Max Health. This skill resets his Basic Attack cooldown.
Ham Toss
Ham Toss Ham Toss Gaslight Joker tosses his ham at the ground, dealing Power Damage in the area. Damaged enemy Champions are Feared (forced to flee) for a short time. Drones and creatures are Stunned. All targets also receive the Filthy effect for a few seconds.
Snack Time!
Snack Time! Snack Time! Gaslight Joker gains a Skill Shield that prevents the damage and effects of the next enemy skill that hits him.

When a skill is blocked, Snack Time's cost is refunded and he gains Move Speed. His Move Speed fades back to normal over a short time.

If he has a Skill Shield from another source, both Skill Shields will be consumed when they block a skill.
Rat Swarm
Rat Swarm Rat Swarm Using Rat Swarm toggles the skill on or off. When toggled on, a horde of rats follow Gaslight Joker. Enemies in the area lose Move Speed, and are dealt Power Damage per second. The cost of Rat Swarm is decreased by if an enemy Champion is in the swarm.

Rat Swarm's Slow is doubled on Filthy enemies.

Play Style

Gaslight Joker is excellent at making his enemies come to him and then preventing them from escaping with his pet rats. He also uses his skill Shield to turns his opponent's crowd control into a burst of speed, allowing him to close on foes when they least desire it.


In cities across Europe and America, tales have been told of an affable 'Laughing Butcher' who, with a joke and a smile, would lead unsuspecting street dwellers to their deaths - feeding them to his 'pets,' hordes of rats that lived beneath his shop. The police never investigated these tales, but when the Butcher moved to Gotham, the Batman discovered his shop and attempted to bring him to justice. The Butcher fled to a nearby tannery where he fell into a vat of chemicals. These chemicals bleached his skin white and distorted his face into a rictus grin. No longer able to hide in the shadows, the Butcher began calling himself 'The Joker' and set about committing more audacious and horrific crimes, all aimed at keeping his pets well fed.

Gaslight Joker typically acts as if he were performing for an audience, which in his warped mind, are his pet rats. To that end, his movements and attacks are both brutal and flamboyant.