Young Detective


Melee Melee This Champion's basic attack is melee.
Bruiser Bruiser A bruiser gets into the thick of fights, trying to destroy their target with close ranged attacks and powers.
Attack Damage Champion
Attack Damage Champion Attack Damage Champion This Champion increases in strength and effectiveness most as you acquire Attack Damage.


This Guy!
This Guy! This Guy! Every few seconds, Robin's next Basic Attack will mark his target. The next ally to damage the marked target will consume the mark, dealing Attack Damage to the enemy and restoring Will or Energy to themselves.
Vault Kick
Vault Kick Vault Kick Robin dashes forward, dealing Attack Damage to the first enemy he strikes, applying This Guy!, knocking them back, and bouncing away from his target.
Bo Master
Bo Master Bo Master For several seconds, Robin gains Attack Damage Reflection and his Basic Attacks reduce Move Speed.

In addition, Vault Kick will now pass through enemies and deal damage to them all. It will not apply Knockback or This Guy!
Dynamic Duo
Dynamic Duo Dynamic Duo Grant Robin and your target the Dynamic Duo effect for a short time. The Dynamic Duo effect grants additional Will/Energy restoration from This Guy!, Move Speed and Attack Lifesteal. If used on himself, Robin gains a bigger bonus of lifesteal.
Emergent Leader
Emergent Leader Emergent Leader Robin spins his bo overhead, dealing Attack Damage to enemies in the area and knocking them back. For the next few seconds, plus additional time for each enemy Champion struck, Robin grants Attack Damage and Power Damage to all nearby allies.

Play Style

Robin is an aggressive team player, using his bo skills to stay mobile and defensive while leading the charge. He can keep his allies healthy, increase their damage output, and knock enemies out of position.


Unlike Batman or previous Robins, Tim Drake's path to becoming a hero didn't start with personal tragedy. Instead, he was born with the drive to make the world a better place. Following the death of the previous Robin, Tim resolved to convince Batman to take him on. A natural detective, Tim studied Batman and his associates, and discovered that Nightwing performed a unique move that he had seen performed once before by Dick Grayson of the Flying Graysons. With Nightwing's identity revealed, Tim put the pieces together and uncovered Batman's true identity. While initially resistant to taking on a new Robin, Batman finally agreed, largely thanks to the persuasion of Nightwing.

Tim is an expert computer hacker. As a detective, he is nearly Batman's equal. Also, years of gymnastic training have made him a dangerous, acrobatic fighter. While driven, Tim still possesses a sense of humor and will crack wise in a fight.